Hazel Ong
Master Financial Consultant

“I guess just like many in this industry, I was initially not open to an online platform that I’m not familiar with, adverse to changes.

But it’s something I advocate now because I have created enough portfolios to realize that it’s a tool I’ll need in order to maintain consistency in summarizing my clients’ portfolios!

Gives my clients reasons to come back to me to update theirs too!”

Nelson Chen
Financial Consultant

“With MyInsurFolio, it makes referrals request from my clients so much easier and interestingly, I’m getting referrals from my new prospects as well!

MyInsurFolio is more than just a insurance portfolio summary solution. With this, asking for referrals is so much more effective and I no longer need to worry about the awkward silences I use to encounter!”

Calyn Huang
Financial Services Manager

“I have been searching around for an online platform to allow my clients to view and understand their policies coverage at one glance.

MyInsurFolio has made my work so much easier and improve my time effectively.

Yeow Liang and Joseph are both very helpful and approachable. Keep up the good work guys!”

Wei Long
Financial Consultant

“MyInsurFolio is a wonderful tool that has helped many of my clients understand their existing policies better!

Its compilation work is concise, showing clear and important illustration as well as enabling easy understanding for all.

I would definitely recommend practitioners to adopt this summary tool as part of their financial services and help more consumers out there benefit from MyInsurFolio.”

Lauren Ong
Financial Consultant

“Convenient. 5-star. Clear and Concise.

The summaries are auto-populated and to my clients, it is very convenient to get to see everything in one glance. Furthermore, the missing coverage segments are also boxed up in red, and more often than not, it is my client who asks me what can they do about filling up those coverage gaps!

It also allows my clients and their loved ones to log in and check pertinent information on their insurance portfolio anytime and anywhere as it’s 24/7 online access via the insurance central depository!”

Marcus Chew
Financial Consultant

“What is the most common problem people face with their insurance portfolio?

They are not sure what they have bought or rather what they are covered for.

Well, MyInsurFolio solves this problem by making it hassle-free for clientele and even for myself as a Financial Advisor to help my clients understand their portfolios clearly.”

Alex Leow
Corporate Benefits Manager

“MyInsurFolio has revolutionised the way insurance summaries are traditionally done.

My prospects and clients are able to better visualize their insurance portfolio and I have successfully closed sales.

This is a MUST-have tool for all financial planners!”

Christopher Lek
Senior Financial Services Manager

“Collating various insurers information for our clients has never been easier.

With MyInsurFolio, its a breeze. Web based style and secured way to share information with your clients.

First of its class and state of the art platform. One of the platforms to be a 4th Generation FC of the future”

Desmond Lin
Financial Services Director

“MyInsurFolio helps me by leveraging on technology to optimize my sales process.

The user friendly platform raise the bar of my customer’s experience by digitise their entire insurance portfolio giving them a clear overview of their coverage wherever they need to access to.

Awesome Platform!!

Chung Kwan
Financial Services Manager

“As a firm believer in delivering professional services to my clientele, MyInsurFolio greatly helps to effectively summarize, update, and deliver the clarity of my client’s insurance portfolio.

For me, a well-prepared insurance portfolio summary will be the best value-adding service I can offer to my clientele as part of my financial planning review work.

MyInsurFolio generates great opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell and provides an inexhaustible source of quality referral leads generation.

I see MyInsurFolio as a great enabler in our work and a game-changer for the business!”

Calvin Lee
Digital Agency Leader Of The Year 2019
Financial Services Director
Chairman, Board of Governors and Immediate Past President (2020/2021), FSMA

“SEXY, IN, SIMPLE. That’s how I described MyInsurFolio to my team.

Having personally used this platform in-depth, I was excited to introduce MyInsurFolio to my team.

It’s a great value-add to our clients and prospects and helps us to get referrals and recommendations.

The digital policy summaries provides both a summarized and details view of all the policies.It’s a good tool to review with clients on their existing policies and help them to close any gaps.

Another feature which I liked and find very important is to let the loved ones of our clients know exactly what coverage they have, with the client consent.

This platform also allow us to update the policy summaries online immediately and its easily accessible should we need it to advise our clients during emergency like client’s hospitalization.”

Michelle Lim
Financial Services Consultant

“MyInsurFolio enables me to set myself apart from the rest of the Financial Consultants in the market. For prospecting perspective, it allows me to have a clearer view and identify the shortfall in their portfolio.

For my clients, it’s a value added services which I extend out to them and it also makes it easier for me when comes to portfolio review time!

“I don’t know what policies I have and what it covers”
“I need to find my policies, it’s all over the place”
“If I met with an accident or fall into coma, how would my family know what policies I have?”

These are the common concern/issues that I get from prospects and clients. Many are not aware of their current financial portfolio because claims are not made thus far (Which is a good thing!).

What I love about MyInsurFolio is that, it allows my client and myself to know their overall coverage at a glance, making sure they do not overpay by having duplicate coverage (eg: 2 accident plans etc) and best part is…. they can even have the option to assign their loved ones to gain access to their portfolio 24/7!

By leveraging on this platform, it makes me a resource to my clients!”