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Wealth Management Consultant Kenneth Lim with MyInsurFolio

Essential for any consultants who want to bring their practice to the next level. The ultimate benefactor of using MyInsurFolio are our clients as it clearly highlights overlaps and inefficiencies, saving time and money.     Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Since young, I’ve been always inclined towards numbers and arithmetical […]

Master Financial Consultant Hazel Ong with MyInsurFolio

 I guess just like many in this industry, I was initially not open to an online platform that I’m not familiar with, adverse to changes.   But it’s something I advocate now because I have created enough portfolios to realize that it’s a tool I’ll need in order to maintain consistency in summarizing my clients’ […]

Financial Services Manager Chung Kwan with MyInsurFolio

As a firm believer in delivering professional services to my clientele, MyInsurFolio greatly helps to effectively summarize, update, and deliver the clarity of my client’s insurance portfolio. For me, a well-prepared insurance portfolio summary will be the best value-adding service I can offer to my clientele as part of my financial planning review work. MyInsurFolio […]

Financial Consultant Wei Long with MyInsurFolio

MyInsurFolio is a wonderful tool that has helped many of my clients understand their existing policies better!   Its compilation work is concise, showing clear and important illustration as well as enabling easy understanding for all.   I would definitely recommend practitioners to adopt this summary tool as part of their financial services and help […]

Senior Financial Services Manager Christopher Lek with MyInsurFolio

Collating various insurers information for our clients has never been easier.   With MyInsurFolio, it’s a breeze. Web-based style and secured way to share information with your clients.   First of its class and state of the art platform. One of the platforms to be a 4th Generation FC of the future!     Can […]

Corporate Benefits Manager Alex Leow with MyInsurFolio

MyInsurFolio has revolutionized the way insurance summaries are traditionally done.   My prospects and clients are able to better visualize their insurance portfolio and I have successfully closed sales.   This is a MUST-have tool for all financial planners!   Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? I joined the life insurance industry […]

Financial Consultant Nelson Chen with MyInsurFolio

With MyInsurFolio, it makes referrals request from my clients so much easier and interestingly, I’m getting referrals from my new prospects as well!   MyInsurFolio is more than just an insurance portfolio summary solution. With this, asking for referrals is so much more effective and I no longer need to worry about the awkward silences […]