Our Purpose

We at PolicyXchange want to help Financial Consultants grow their business in a consistent and sustainable way.

As former Financial Consultants, we know the struggles of finding new leads and keeping track of all our clients’ portfolios. We often miss out on opportunities because insurance summaries are done on basic spreadsheets. We thought, “There should be better platforms.”

So we created MyInsurFolio, an Insurance Central Depository and CRM platform. It helps you generate leads so you can reach your MDRT goals and boost your FYC. Our purpose is to help you build the successful business you deserve.



Our technology solutions are innovative and easy-to-use, so you can focus on building meaningful relationships with your clients. Leave the tedious processes and heavy-lifting to us.

Security is our top priority so your clients’ data is safe in our hands.


As an InsurTech startup, we are FinTech Certified and a proud member of the
Singapore FinTech Association and Singapore Business Federation.

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