Wealth Management Consultant Kenneth Lim with MyInsurFolio

Essential for any consultants who want to bring their practice to the next level.

The ultimate benefactor of using MyInsurFolio are our clients as it clearly highlights overlaps and inefficiencies, saving time and money.



Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Since young, I’ve been always inclined towards numbers and arithmetical patterns which led me to discover that I was good at mathematics. My parents have always been very open to me about their finances like how much they are earning and how much material things cost.

I can recall that my mum would put things into perspective for me whenever I would pester her to buy me something. At the same time, she lets me understand how much effort is needed to earn for that item.  As a result, this has made me aware of the value of money and the importance of financial planning at a very young age.

Fast forward today, as a Wealth Management Consultant at IPPFA, I’m managing not only my family’s money but countless families and friends’ finances as well.

I truly believe in lifelong learning and that is why I’ve gone beyond what is necessary and have completed various MAS financial examination papers, also I’m pursuing my Certified Financial Planner, CFP certification to demonstrate my commitment and to uphold my competency as a Financial Planner as well as carrying out my financial planning practice ethically.


Why do you invest time to do up insurance portfolio summary for your clients?

I feel that Financial Planning is multi-faceted and just having insurance policies or investment plans per se is not good enough. A portfolio of policies or plans, on its own, doesn’t provide us with the full and clear picture of our client’s financial plan in addressing the protection needs as well as achieving the desired financial goals. An insurance portfolio summary is apt.

Most of the time when I provide financial advisory and consultation services for a new client, his/her policies are usually all over the place; in a very disorganized state lacking proper collation and structuring to clearly highlight the protection gaps and shortfall of his/her portfolio.

Many times, clients are not 100% aware of what they actually own, how much they are paying, what they are covered for as well as what they will be receiving from the plans at maturity and how all their policies and investments work together to help them to address their protection needs and to achieve their financial goals.

That is why I prefer spending more time doing up a full portfolio summary as it gives me a bird’s-eye view of my client’s overall financial plan.


How have you been doing insurance portfolio summaries for your clients before MyInsurFolio?

I was lucky to be introduced to MyInsurFolio right from the start of my financial planning career and I have been using it in my financial advisory work ever since. To me, it is both a value-adding and handy tool that I use every day.


Why do you switch to my MyInsurFolio?

I believe it is the way to go as it provides my clients 24/7 online access to their insurance portfolio information on the move, and on the go via the MyInsurFolio App on their mobile phones.


What do your clients say about MyInsurFolio?

Most of my clients are very appreciative of what MyInsurFolio can do for them and they are genuinely thankful to me to have their policy summaries curated by me on MyInsurFolio.


Would you recommend MyInsurFolio to your fellow FCs and why?

I highly recommend MyInsurfolio to anyone who is also in the financial service sector especially those who provide financial planning services for their clients. It encompasses everything that your client needs in understanding his/her insurance portfolio in a comprehensive and one-glance one-look easy-to-understand summary.

MyInsurFolio is an essential tool in aiding Financial Consultants to conduct professional and sound financial planning services for their clients.