Financial Consultant Marcus Chew with MyInsurFolio

What is the most common problem people face with their insurance portfolio?


They are not sure what they have bought or rather what they are covered for.


Well, MyInsurFolio solves this problem by making it hassle-free for clientele and even for myself as a Financial Advisor to help my clients understand their portfolios clearly.



Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Marcus and I’m a senior financial advisor from Advisors’ Clique.

Outside of my profession, I lead a super active lifestyle, heavily involved in sports.

I’m an amateur boxer, I go mountain biking on trails and I’m also part of a local running community. I used to compete in basketball and these days, I still do play the game casually from time to time. I’m also a competitive e-sports athlete/gamer.

I joined the financial industry in late 2019 (1.5 years to date) and am proud to be a top rookie in my agency. My professional accolades include GELAC Achiever and were promoted to Senior Financial Consultant in my rookie year.

I am not married but hopefully soon.


Why do you invest time to do up insurance portfolio summary for your clients?

In my experience, I observed that 9 out of 10 clients/customers do not understand or remember what they have in their insurance portfolio and this platform allows my clients to access their entire portfolios easily anytime, anywhere helping them to remember the pertinent information what they have, what they are paying for and the benefits of the policies within their portfolios.


How have you been doing insurance portfolio summaries for your clients before MyInsurFolio?

I have been doing face-to-face meet-ups to provide updates and constant reminders of what they have and what they’re lacking. In my opinion, presenting them with hard copies of the insurance portfolio summaries is not practical as they could easily misplace them.


Why do you switch to MyInsurFolio?

Well, MyInsurFolio solves the problem. It’s a very unique and effective way of allowing them to understand and remember what they have. Most importantly, it’s hassle-free for both the advisor and the client.

Furthermore, now with MyInsurFolio, getting good and qualified referrals (family members, close friends, and close colleagues) will be a breeze!


What do your clients say about MyInsurFolio?

My clients can appreciate the benefits and advantages that come with this summary tool in helping them to do up their insurance portfolio summaries.

They also find the MyInsurFolio platform makes it very convenient for them as it is easily accessible 24/7 online.


Would you recommend MyInsurFolio to your fellow FCs and why?

Yes, definitely! It’s a very good way of providing a premium value-added service to their clients.