Financial Consultant Wei Long with MyInsurFolio

MyInsurFolio is a wonderful tool that has helped many of my clients understand their existing policies better!


Its compilation work is concise, showing clear and important illustration as well as enabling easy understanding for all.


I would definitely recommend practitioners to adopt this summary tool as part of their financial services and help more consumers out there benefit from MyInsurFolio.



Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hi, my name is Wei Long and I have been in the industry for close to 2 years. I started off as a student advisor and gradually become a full-time advisor after my graduation.

I managed to secure my fast track and qualified for Quality Club during my first year and is aiming for a Star Club this year.


Why do you invest time to do up insurance portfolio summary for your clients?

By doing up an insurance portfolio summary, it allows my clients to know their coverage amount in a glance instead of running through individual policies. The compilation and consolidation of pertinent information provide a clearer understanding and convenience!


How have you been doing an insurance portfolio summary for your clients before MyInsurFolio?

After I joined the industry, I relied on an excel sheet to do an insurance portfolio summary. It does the job but it definitely isn’t as straightforward as what MyInsurFolio has to offer.


Why do you switch to my MyInsurFolio?

Besides providing for a clearer illustration of the insurance portfolio of my clients, I find the additional feature of allowing relationship/s to be added in the process makes a lot of sense in keeping the family and loved ones informed and updated of their insurance portfolios.

Furthermore, it presents another channel for generating referral leads for me to work on!


What do your clients say about MyInsurFolio?

They all appreciate the simplicity behind it. Numbers are now tabulated in a more systematic approach and it is clearer for them to see!


Would you recommend MyInsurFolio to your fellow FCs and why?

Yes, I would. It’s a really efficient platform and a great help in policies’ summary and compilation!

My fellow advisers also found MyInsurFolio very useful in their course of work.