Senior Financial Services Manager Christopher Lek with MyInsurFolio

Collating various insurers information for our clients has never been easier.


With MyInsurFolio, it’s a breeze. Web-based style and secured way to share information with your clients.


First of its class and state of the art platform. One of the platforms to be a 4th Generation FC of the future!



Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am a Senior Financial Services Manager in the insurance industry. I joined the industry 11 years ago and have never looked back since.

During my 11-year stint, I have qualified for practically all the awards recognizing my outstanding sales ability year-in-year-out, seeing myself travelling to many clubs’ and conventions’ destinations in Asia, Europe, and the USA. My drive for personal excellence qualified me for the prestigious MDRT Membership for numerous years, attending my first MDRT Meeting at Miami, the USA in 2019.

I aim to lead by example and grow my organization to a 150-strong one.

Despite my busy work schedule, I find time to have quality activities and outings with my son which I enjoyed very much.


Why do you invest time to do up insurance portfolio summary for your clients?

To me, it is similar to annual health screening. My clients have difficulties during the financial health review remembering what they have set up and the ‘diagnosis’ of the gaps or shortfalls in protection as well as the reasons behind the need to put in place financial plans to achieve their financial goals.

Hence, I need to do up a summary that provides that bird-eye view of what my client has and needs to act on.


How have you been doing insurance portfolio summary for your clients before MyInsurFolio?

I have been using excel to prepare insurance portfolio summaries for my clients since day one.


Why do you switch to MyInsurFolio?

Firstly, it’s because of our ex-CEO, Mr. Philip Seah whom I have great respect for as he had dedicated himself to care for the agency force whole-heartedly back then. He is one of the founders of PolicyXchange with this wonderful insurance portfolio summary tool MyInsurFolio.

Secondly, I was blown away by how useful, simple, and easy it is to key-in the details of the insurance policies into the system. Furthermore, it is neat, tidy, and not time-consuming.


What do your clients say about MyInsurFolio?

They are very impressed by the live-update as well as pertinent details were all captured clearly in the summary.

You see, my clients always misplaced the excel sheet summaries I have prepared for them in the past. But with MyInsurFolio, there is no need for them to hunt for the summary as they are now able to conveniently access online the information of their insurance coverage. My clients are very happy now that their insurance portfolio summaries are readily and easily available to their families and loved ones within a click away.


Would you recommend MyInsurFolio to your fellow FCs and why?

Yes, of course!

It will help to improve my team’s efficiency in their work and be more productive.

Well, saving time means saving money.

For those with a personal assistant, it will mean that your personal assistant can assist you to do more summaries than in the past which opens up more cross-selling and upselling opportunities.