Financial Consultant Nelson Chen with MyInsurFolio

With MyInsurFolio, it makes referrals request from my clients so much easier and interestingly, I’m getting referrals from my new prospects as well!


MyInsurFolio is more than just an insurance portfolio summary solution. With this, asking for referrals is so much more effective and I no longer need to worry about the awkward silences I use to encounter!



Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hi, my name is Nelson and I have been in the industry for almost 4 years already. My core value as a financial consultant has always been customer first. Putting my customers’ needs in the highest priority in my work guides me to offer need-based financial advice and recommendation on financial plans that are more suitable for my clients and prospects. As such, my profession philosophy is aligned along what’s objectively best and financially beneficial for them.

On a personal note, I got married in October 2019 and my wife and I are eagerly waiting for the collection of our BTO flat keys in 2024.


Why do you invest time to do up insurance portfolio summary for your clients?

To me, an insurance portfolio summary is essential for my clients, not just in terms of giving them an idea of their premium outlay, but also an overview of their coverage in totality. At a quick glance, they can easily understand and appreciate what they might be lacking, as well as what they can expect from the plans should anything unforeseen happen. It also helps me to provide better advice and recommendations for their financial planning portfolio, in view of their needs.


How have you been doing insurance portfolio summary for your clients before MyInsurFolio?

I have been doing insurance portfolio summary in excel format since the day I joined the insurance industry. Prior to joining the industry, I did mine on my own and I personally found it very useful. So that was the first thing I wanted to do for my friends and family as a professional Financial Consultant.


Why do you switch to MyInsurFolio?

I decided to switch to MyInsurFolio because I realize that there are unavoidable pitfalls when I was doing insurance portfolio summaries for my clients in the past. In particular one of them is, the summary is often kept like a secret and/or easily misplaced. In my opinion, an insurance portfolio summary should always be easily accessible and shared with family members, or perhaps even with some close friends whom you trust. This is because as the servicing financial consultant, I may not always be the first person to know if something unforeseen happens to my client. Usually, the first to know will either be his/her family members, close friends or sometimes, close colleagues. It can be very challenging for the loved ones during these times to find that summary and use it to act accordingly and decisively.

Well, MyInsurFolio solves this problem.

Furthermore, now with MyInsurFolio, getting good and qualified referrals (family members, close friends, and close colleagues) will be a breeze!


What do your clients say about MyInsurFolio?

After sharing with them the features of MyInsurFolio, my clients can appreciate the benefits and advantages that come with this summary tool in preparing their insurance portfolio summaries.

Based on the feedback I have received so far, most if not all of my clients find it very essential to have the clarity of summary done up using MyInsurFolio as well as the important and useful feature of convenient online access of their insurance portfolio information by their families and loved ones.


Would you recommend MyInsurFolio to your fellow FCs and why?

Yes. I will recommend it to my fellow FCs as it will give them an edge in delivering good and professional service to their clients.

My fellow FCs found MyInsurFolio very useful in their course of work.